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When someone dies

A guide to help you.

When someone dies at home or where privately being cared for

  • Call the deceased’s Doctor. Once the doctor has certified the deceased and is satisfied as to the cause of death, a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death will be prepared at the doctor’s surgery. Inform the doctor whether it a burial or cremation.
  • If the Doctor has not attended the deceased in the past three months, or the Doctor is uncertain as to the exact cause of death, the death then becomes a Coroner’s matter and police will have to be notified.
  • A registered nurse may also certify death.
  • If a decision about a Funeral Director has not already been made, this should be decided at this time and initial contact made.
  • When the Medical Certificate is issued (or the doctor agrees to sign this document at the earliest time), the Funeral Director may transport the deceased from the place of death to their premises.

When someone dies at a Hospital or Nursing Home

  • Nursing Home or Hospital staff will contact the family and advise them of the death. The family may wish to see the deceased before any arrangements are made for their transportation to a Funeral Home.
  • Once the staff at the hospital or nursing home have satisfied the legal requirements regarding the cause of death and the identity of the deceased, a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death can then be issued.
  • The nursing home or hospital will contact the funeral director. The Funeral Director will attend to collect all relevant documents from the hospital at this time.
  • In all cases, the Nursing Home requires the Funeral Director to attend to transport the deceased as soon as possible.

When someone dies  of an accidental or sudden, unexpected death

  • If a death is due to an accident, or is sudden and unexpected, the ambulance and police should be called immediately.
  • The ambulance and police will attend and will ask relevant questions about the identity of the deceased and the circumstances of the death. The ambulance paramedic will certify life extinct.
  • The family should contact a Funeral Director of their choice to attend to the arrangements of obtaining release from the Coroner’s care.

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