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Cremations and Burials

Helping you decide which option is best for you


Cremations have become a more popular choice made as opposed to burial. This is usually because it is either the deceased’s preference, or in the larger metropolitan areas there may be a lower cost involved. Cost is usually not a primary reason for families to choose cremation over burial in the regional areas as cemetery costs are not as expensive as in the cities.

With services held at a Crematorium Chapel you need to be aware that services are held at 1 hour intervals. This 1 hour includes time for the mourners to arrive, enter the chapel and be seated, approx. 30 minutes for the Funeral Service; time for everyone to leave the chapel and convey their condolences to the family, and move away in time for the next family to arrive. If you feel that the funeral service may take longer than an hour, we may be able to book an additional service time, for a fee.


The decision does not need to be made at the same time as arranging the funeral but there are many ways for you to deal with your loved one’s ashes after the funeral.

Our staff will contact you when we have the ashes back in our care and can discuss what your wishes are for them.

There are a range of options available to you when you feel the time is right to deal with your loved ones ashes.


Take comfort in our care.


If you have chosen burial and have chosen which cemetery you would like the service to take place, staff of Callide Dawson Funerals and Boyne Tannum Funerals will be able to help fill out the appropriate council documents and book the grave and the funeral service time on your behalf.

At the same time you may like to consider the purchase of additional graves for family members who wish to be buried alongside at a future time.

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