Annette (Anne) Jean HARTMANN, died at her home in Biloela on 14th November 2018 leaving behind a hell of a lot of stuff her brother, sisters, nephew and niece have no idea what to do with.

Anne was the family Queen of back ups, such as irons, toasters, kettles, plates knives etc etc….., however if your in need of some bric a brac you should wait the appropriate time and get in touch…….so tomorrow would be just fine.

Anne will be fondly remembered for her love of collecting or hoarding as we the family called it, and just as much for her love of gardening as long as Merv, Jeremy or we did all the work….

Our Anne taught us many lessons in her 72 years, among them: never throw away old pantyhose (or anything for that matter) and 101 uses for the ties on a loaf of bread.

Apparently she was a master cook in the kitchen, although no one I knew (especially the family) ever liked a thing she served up, but we ate it anyway.

As you read this she is well on her way to be reunited with Merv & Jeremy and we all hope they are ready for her arrival, although this may be the first trip she has taken without more baggage than a Hollywood A lister.

Anne was our one of a kind, and was truly loved by her dysfunctional family that she was so very proud of and she will be so sadly missed once we clean up her place and realise she’s really not there.

So we invite one and all who would like to attend Anne’s Graveside dedication to all things Anne, at the Biloela Lawn Cemetery, commencing at 10am on 19th November followed by refreshments and we mean uber eats at her home in Thalberg Ave, the house number we will advise if you turn up at the ceremony.